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            • February 7Dance IV Studio to Stage
            • February 3Second Semester Begins
            • February 26Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee in Library
            • February 22Jazz Festival on Arts Bridge
            • February 17Jazz on the Bridge February 22, 体彩官方app

            Kobe Bryant Death

            Kayla Green

            January 31, 体彩官方app

            A helicopter that crashed in California killed nine people, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant, dropped more than 2,000 feet a minute and was in one piece until impact into a hillside. The helicopter was at 2,300 feet in the air ...

            With the Bears 2019 Season over, what’s next for the team?

            Mika Cavanagh, Writer

            January 28, 体彩官方app

            Following a surprise 12 win, 4 loss season in the 2018 NFL season with the addition of new head coach Matt Nagy, fans were disappointed to not see the same championship-level defense during the 2019 season. With an underperformin...

            DJ and the Dolphins

            January 27, 体彩官方app

            It is no surprise this year that Whitney Young is back near the top of the rankings when it comes to Chicagoland Boys Basketball teams. They play a national schedule, something no other CPS team does. So far they have gone to ...

            CFP National Championship

            January 23, 体彩官方app

            Former WY Swim Coach Involved in Scandal

            Mae Jiang, Editor

            January 17, 体彩官方app

            Andy Parro was a former swim coach and security guard at Whitney Young. He resigned in 2019 because he could not keep up with the heavy time commitment that coaching requires. Now, he is a coach at the Illinois Institute of Te...

            Best Team In College Football

            January 2, 体彩官方app

            Old Coach Returns to WY Diving Team

            Mae Jiang, Editor

            November 18, 2019

            Recently, Guy Stehley, the new coach for the Whitney Young girls diving team, resigned his position. The reason was somewhat unclear, but it seemed to be because he disliked CPS’s disorganization and the treatment he received f...

            Change the 体彩官方appcoming Game??

            Damani Hood, Editor

            November 4, 2019

                 “We’re about to go win real quick,” whispered player Jabari Ermon, ‘21, on his way to the locker room at Rockne Stadium.  His soft spoken prediction proved true. We narrowly defeated Von Steuben High School.  The scoreb...

            Dolphins Football on TV

            Mika Cavanagh, Journalist

            October 14, 2019

            Recently, NBCS Chicago’s IHSA high school sports coverage Twitter announced that due to the large number of voters in their “Viewer’s Choice Poll”, they have decided to cover both the Kennedy vs Sullivan football game and o...

            Should Junior Varsity Students at Whitney Young Be Given Instructional Support During P.E. Periods?

            Vahan Vanderpoel, Editor

            October 3, 2019

            Recently a friend of mine brought to my attention the concern that JV athletes are not given an option to have an instructional support period while varsity players are given the choice. “I think that JV players should get an i...

            Should 体彩官方appcoming Games Vary in Sports Every Year?

            David Santana, Editor

            October 2, 2019

            When we think about 体彩官方appcoming games, most of us imagine a giant crowd, two rival schools, and an American football game to settle the score. Instead of football, why not soccer, tennis, softball, or swimming? Intrigued by this...

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